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51 Kitchen Faucets for the Stylish Home Chef

Posted by admin on October 18, 2022

A kitchen faucet is so much more than just a detail – you’ll be using this essential fixture day after day, so it makes sense to choose a design that satisfies in every single way. We’ve collected our favorites from around the web for this handy buying guide. This post includes the best-looking kitchen faucets from today’s most dependable brands, faucets with advanced functionality for serious home chefs, and budget-friendly selections that provide a stylish look without breaking the bank. Your lovingly-curated kitchen deserves a faucet that exceeds expectations, and we hope this buying guide will provide a few ideas to help you get started.

Metris Modern Hansgrohe Kitchen Faucet: A distinctive silhouette can elevate any faucet with true statement-making appeal. This gorgeous design from Hansgrohe features a geometric edge that can crown the most modern kitchen decor themes. This piece features a single-hole design for a streamlined installation.

Pull-Down Delta Kitchen Faucet: Pull-down faucet designs often balance beauty and functionality with pure grace. This piece features a high arc design that makes it easy to fill pots, while the sprayer pulls away to provide fantastic reach for rinsing and washing. This design boasts the dependable Delta name and is available in four adaptable finishes.

Touch-Activated Nickel Kitchen Faucet: Delta offers a range of touch-operated kitchen faucets that provide a sanitary and convenient solution for culinary enthusiasts. The attractive Pivotal design keeps things sleek and modern with clean lines and cut angles, available in four finishes to suit any kitchen theme. For those on a smaller budget, this faucet is also available without touch control.

Motion Touchless Kitchen Sink Faucet: The advanced FLOW faucet features motion-sensing technology for true handsfree operation, ensuring that your faucet stays clean and sanitary even when your hands are covered with your latest recipe-in-progress. The sensor is powered by battery for easy installation and continued operation even during power outages.

Delta Voice-Controlled Kitchen Faucet: Voice control is another touchless operation option for people who prefer a handsfree faucet experience. This design from Delta is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant to provide precision operation – you can ask the faucet to dispense specific amounts like a single cup of water, or you can program the faucet to respond to customized commands like “fill the coffee pot” or “fill my shaker bottle”. This piece also features touch operation along any part of spout.

Chrome Pfister Kitchen Faucet: The gorgeous Kai faucet by Pfister features a sculptural shape sure to flatter the most refined kitchen decor themes. This piece is available in three finishes with the polished chrome option pictured above. The high arc spout provides ample clearance while the pull-down spray head allows for powerful close-range functionality.

Chrome Kitchen Faucet with Bridge: Looking to make an especially striking statement within a classically-informed kitchen design? A bridged faucet is sure to make a bold impression. This piece provides an updated take on a true classic, its sleek hot and cold handles joined with clean lines and a smooth arch. This piece is equipped with a modern pull-down sprayer.

Traditional Kitchen Faucet with Sprayer: Gorgeous curves allow this Kingston Brass bridged faucet to shine, every detail accentuated by the glossy chrome finish. This four-hole faucet design includes a bridged faucet and a coordinated companion sprayer. Need a different finish? This faucet is available in black, brass, bronze, copper, and nickel finish options as well.

Spot-Resist Moen Kitchen Faucet: Sleek and modern, this Moen pull-down kitchen faucet provides high-end name-brand functionality on an accessible budget. This piece emphasizes smooth movement for pleasant operation, sure to make your everyday kitchen tasks feel more seamless along every step of the process.

Angular Nickel Kitchen Faucet: Crisp angles make this faucet a perfect selection for bold industrial and commercial kitchen themes. This piece is finished in smooth brushed nickel, also available in a radiant chrome. This single-hole design features a pull-out nozzle and a swivel spout.

Sprayer Brushed Nickel Kitchen Faucet: Inspired by commercial faucet designs, this piece features a super high arc and a convenient pull-down faucet with an exposed waterline for a chic industrial appearance. Classic details on the handle provide a subtle touch of traditional charm that brings warmth to an otherwise utilitarian faucet design.

Commercial-Style Touch Kitchen Faucet: Introduced as part of the exceptionally popular Delta Trinsic series, this commercial-style faucet is perfect for those who take kitchen design extremely seriously. This piece features a classic pull-down faucet design that also includes touch functionality, the faucet holder equipped with a powerful magnet to ensure your nozzle snaps neatly into place between uses.

Kraus Kitchen Faucet with Pot Filler: Kraus introduces a high-functionality addition to their acclaimed Artec series with this performance faucet design. This piece features a pull-down spout and sprayer while the body of the faucet includes a convenient pot-filler for fast fill-ups. The handle is designed to operate with just 90 degrees of forward tilt so the faucet can be installed in tight spaces with very little wall clearance.

Black and Silver Grohe Kitchen Faucet: This beautiful Grohe faucet features contrasting black and steel finishes to make a stylish modern statement within any kitchen. This piece emphasizes an exquisitely smooth range of motion to make your everyday cooking and cleanup tasks especially pleasant. The easy-clean nozzle can be descaled with a single swipe for long-lasting functionality even in hard water settings.

Minimalist Modern Kitchen Faucet: Delta’s striking Pivotal pull-down kitchen faucet features a high arc exposed water hose that smoothly swivels and turns to prevent kinking. The nozzle snaps to the support arm using powerful magnets, its precision placement giving the body a bold continuous appearance.

Single Hole Matte Black Kitchen Faucet: Complete your ultra-modern kitchen theme with a matte black faucet finish. This attractive design offers a budget-friendly solution for updated kitchens, its touch-control functionality ensuring the handle stays clean and sanitary. The nozzle pulls down to provide convenient reach.

Traditional Matte Black Kitchen Faucet: Classic and contemporary meet with this ornate bridge faucet from Kingston Brass. This gorgeous design draws inspiration from antique plumbing details, reimagined in a modern matte black finish for chic minimalist appeal. Looking for something a little more traditional? This piece is also available in a range of brass and nickel finishes as well.

Industrial Bridged Black Kitchen Faucet: A high bridge design gives this arc faucet impressive clearance to make filling large pots a breeze. This piece features a modern matte black finish that resists fingerprints and water spots for low-maintenance appeal even within active family environments. The pull-down nozzle includes three spray settings for rinsing and filling.

Matte Black Industrial Kitchen Faucet: Creative industrial details make this faucet stand out within the most modern kitchen themes. This design includes two individual handles worked into a single hole design for easy installation and old-school operation. The spout swivels 360 degrees to provide a functional range of motion.

Low Matte Black Kitchen Faucet: Working with a small modern kitchen? This faucet design from Pfister maintains a compact footprint for a lowkey look that blends in with streamlined kitchen setups. This piece is available in black, chrome, and stylish stainless steel. The pull-out nozzle includes two spray settings.

Compact Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet: Standing at only 9 inches tall, this compact faucet keeps things simple for smaller sink footprints. This design is available in matte black, chrome, or stainless steel each equipped with a top-mounted handle for right- or left-handed operation. Utilize two different spray settings on the pull-out nozzle.

Pfister Black Faucet with Magnetic Spray Head: Pfister’s Norden pull-down faucet design features a flared nozzle that can provide a wide sweeping spray for rinsing, or can be switched to a single aerated stream for smooth filling. This piece also includes a blade-like spray mode that provides sharp pressure to remove stuck-on debris from your most stubborn dishes.

Square Pull Down Kitchen Faucet: An unconventional nozzle silhouette makes this faucet an eye-catching addition to classic and contemporary kitchen themes alike. This piece enjoys a matte black finish achieved using a 7-layer electroplating technique for enduring resilience even in family settings.

Gooseneck Wall Mounted Kitchen Faucet: Are you dealing with a wall-mounted kitchen faucet setup? You don’t have to settle for outdated designs. This kitchen sink faucet features a matte black finish to suit modern themes, the gooseneck nozzle providing flexible positioning for convenient operation.

Black Single Hole Kitchen Faucet with Plate: This faucet provides the look and functionality of a commercial-style faucet with a compact footprint well-suited to smaller kitchen sink layouts. This piece features a matte black finish, two spray modes, and includes an optional deck plate to accommodate three-hole faucet layouts.

Angular White Kitchen Sink Faucet: Complement a bright kitchen theme or add a pop of contrast to a darker space with a clean white faucet design. This piece features a modern angular silhouette with a pull-out sprayer, the one-handed handle allowing for easy operation. This piece is also available in a range of other finishes.

Kraus White Kitchen Faucet: Sweeping curves make this arched Kraus faucet an especially eye-catching work of art for the kitchen. This piece features a flared sprayer component finished in chrome for a satisfying gleam against the minimalistic white finish of the body. The sprayer pulls down and the faucet can swivel up to 360 degrees to provide a full range of motion.

White High-Arc Kitchen Faucet: Need to keep things simple? This high-arc kitchen faucet features an exposed water line in clean crisp white, supported by a chrome arm that holds the sprayer in place between uses. This attractive budget-friendly design is also available in a silky matte black finish.

White and Gold Modern Kitchen Faucet: White and rose gold come together to make this arc faucet an especially on-trend selection for the most contemporary kitchen themes. This piece features a pull-down faucet with a contrasting black water line, the nozzle able to switch between stream and spray settings with a touch of a button.

Black and Gold Commercial Kitchen Faucet: While many commercial-style faucets are prized for their no-frills aesthetic, this design is made to satisfy serious design enthusiasts. This piece is finished in matte black with contrasting brushed gold details that lend a radiant touch. The three-function nozzle and pull-down design ensure serious functionality to match.

Delta Champagne Bronze Kitchen Faucet: The gorgeous Foundry pull-down faucet by Delta combines contemporary functionality with classic decorative details, well-suited to kitchens that follow a more traditional design theme. This piece is finished in a satisfying champagne bronze with the exposed water line in matte black.

Gold and Black Kitchen Faucet: Minimalistic details meet serious commercial-style functionality in this stylish faucet design from Vigo. This piece shines in contrasting colorways like the black and gold model pictured here, but is also available in more traditional selections like straightforward chrome or gold as well.

Gold Single Handle Kitchen Faucet: Subtle classic details make this high arc faucet especially adaptable, able to accommodate contemporary and classic kitchen themes alike. This piece is made from high quality brass for long-lasting style in hardwearing kitchens. The faucet pulls out for reach.

Delta Trinsic Kitchen Faucet: The attractive Delta Trinsic pull-down kitchen faucet is a well-known favorite among serious minimalists. This attractive modern design features a smooth champagne bronze finish, sophisticated yet mellow. Delta’s advanced Diamond Seal Technology helps to protect against leaks for long-lasting functionality.

Industrial Gold Kitchen Faucet with Filter: Urbix is the smart and edgy industrial-inspired faucet series from acclaimed manufacturer Kraus. This eye-catching design includes creative handles that are textured to provide a fantastic grip, their unique form inspired by factory and industrial settings. This feature-packed set includes a bridged faucet with hot and cold handles, a detached sprayer, and a standalone filter faucet.

Antique Brass Wall Mount Kitchen Faucet: Antique-inspired aesthetics make this Kingston Brass faucet especially charming. This set is wall-mounted, the faucet component bridged with individual vintage-inspired hot and cold handles. The raised faucet allows for excellent clearance while the standalone sprayer provides satisfying reach.

Brushed Gold Kitchen Faucet with Bridge: While many bridged faucets boast a more traditional look, this piece combines subtle classic details with a sleek silhouette that speaks to a more modern aesthetic. This design includes a two-function pull-down sprayer for convenience.

Modern Bridged Brass Kitchen Faucet: Crafted from unlacquered brass, this beautiful bridged faucet will only grow more beautiful and distinctive with age and wear. This piece features elegant arches at every turn – the silhouette feels clean and contemporary but maintains timeless elegance to suit any kitchen theme.

Two-Hole Bridged Brass Kitchen Faucet: This high arched faucet includes vintage-inspired hot and cold knobs for a fun antique look. This piece is expertly crafted from unlacquered brass and is available with or without a matching standalone sprayer.

Solid Brass Kitchen Faucet with Bridge: Like all solid brass faucets, this design is built to last. This piece features clean lines and strong vintage-inspired details, foregoing high-tech frills to provide straightforward functionality well-suited to classic kitchen decor themes. Each one is hand forged in Morocco by master artisans.

Rose Gold Kitchen Faucet: Rose gold is an uncommon faucet finish, well-suited for those who want to establish a kitchen design that stands out from the rest. This attractive piece features a high arc format with a magnetic arm that holds the faucet securely in place. Clean lines promote pure minimalist appeal.

Pull-Down Copper Kitchen Faucet: Antique finishes make this faucet perfect for classic kitchen themes like traditional, Tuscan, farmhouse, and more. Despite its old-world finish, this piece features contemporary functionality with its pull-down nozzle that switches seamlessly from stream to spray as needed.

Copper Kitchen Faucet with Bridge: This gorgeous antique copper kitchen set is crafted with a high arc, vintage-inspired handles, and a bold bridged faucet design. This set includes a standalone sprayer and a convenient filtered water spout.

Antique Copper One-Hole Kitchen Faucet: While many antique-inspired faucets are crafted to accommodate three-hole settings, this piece is made to suit modern setups with its single hole design and convenient standalone sprayer. This piece maintains separate hot and cold handles to maintain a classic feel.

Small Oil Rubbed Bronze Kitchen Faucet: Keep things simple with this compact low-profile faucet from Moen. This piece maintains a short stature well-suited for smaller sink setups, the oil-rubbed bronze finish perfect for classic and rustic decor themes. This piece is also available in chrome and matte stainless.

Rustic Bronze Kitchen Faucet with Dispenser: A deep bronze finish gives this bold Pfister faucet a satisfying antique appearance. Use this piece to complement kitchen themes like Tuscan, traditional, French country, farmhouse, and so many others. This piece includes a matching soap dispenser to keep your countertops clutter-free.

Classic Bronze Kohler Kitchen Faucet: Designed with a squared composition, this Kohler faucet combines a classic silhouette with the convenience of modern pull-down design. This piece is available in a range of finish options and can be upgraded with motion sensor technology for a touch-free experience.

Bronze Delta Leland Kitchen Faucet: A venetian bronze finish gives this gorgeous Delta faucet a well-worn look like an antique lifted straight from a rustic farmhouse kitchen. This single-hole faucet design includes a convenient deck plate for three-hole compatibility as needed.

Antique Bronze Four Hole Kitchen Faucet : Bridged construction and ornate detailing give this four-hole kitchen faucet a nostalgic appearance to suit classic kitchens. The low-profile design is great for smaller spaces, while the standalone sprayer provides extra reach for full coverage within and around the sink.

Bronze Wall-Mounted Kitchen Faucet: This stylish wall-mounted faucet requires a two-hole installation, the hot and cold both operated by their own individual handles. This piece is available in chrome, stainless, and the rustic oil-rubbed bronze finish pictured here. The simple spout has an eight-inch reach. Because it doesn’t have any pull-down functionality, this piece keeps things simple for budget-friendly appeal.

Kohler Pull-Down Bronze Kitchen Faucet: Smart commercial functionality meets traditional design details with the beautiful Kohler Tournant kitchen faucet in oil-rubbed bronze. This piece provides all of the functionality of an industrial sink sprayer with the timeless charm of antique finishes. Semi-professional quality ensures long-lasting performance, with a range of smart spray settings to accommodate all of your kitchen tasks from rinsing delicate berries to blasting debris off your favorite cookware.

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