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9 of the best Halloween gonks on the high street

Posted by admin on October 18, 2022

Brace yourselves – Halloween gonks are now a thing! The Nordic gnomes have recently become a huge Christmas decor trend, so it was only a matter of time before they got a mischievous makeover for Halloween.

The history of gonks stems back to Nordic and Scandinavian mythology. According to folklore, these little creatures favour colder weather and like to cosy up in houses where, if the family welcomes them, they will bring good luck. So really, it’s fair play that these cute critters start knocking on our doors around All Hallows’ Eve.

Halloween gonks are popping up all over the high street at various price points, from a cheap-and-cheerful £1.50 at Poundland to the more plush, John Lewis end of the spectrum. Good Homes picks out some of the best…

1. Pint-sized Halloween gonks

It’s triple trouble with this three-pack of plush Halloween gonks by Shokan via Amazon. Ideal for a window ledge, shelf, or even a little desk mascot, these orange, black and grey guys are £14.99 for all three.  ornaments are

Halloween gonks from Amazon


2. If you nose, you nose…

These adorable little Halloween gonks make the perfect little addition to your spooky set up. They’re small, soft and simple with nothing more than grey fuzzy beards, tall hats and huge noses. Available in black and orange from priced £4.99 each.

pair of wizard dolls with grey beards, pointy hats and big noses on a shelf

Party Pieces

3. Sitting gonk

This dangly-legged chap is the perfect shelf gonk. His black-and-white legs dangle over the edge of your shelf, while the word ‘boo’ on his bobble-topped black hat add a little All Hallows Eve panache. Priced £14.99 from The Wisteria Tree.

Halloween gonk from The Wisteria Tree

The Wisteria Tree

4. Cheap Halloween gonks

It’s hard to resist a bargain when it comes to the old seasonal decor! As ever, Poundland provides, stocking a number of standing, sitting and hanging Halloween gonks suitable for all spooky decorating schemes. Starting from £1.50.

Halloween gonks from Poundland


5. Gonk trio

John Lewis and Partners stocks this cute trio of Halloween gonks made of felt. These ones are at the higher end of the price spectrum at £25, but you know they will go the distance, even when being passed between sticky mitts.

Halloween gonks from John Lewis

6. Two gonks are better than one

These soft, squeezy little imps from Sainsbury’s are the only ones we’ve found that rock the chequerboard trend. One has the orange-and-black-check hat, the other a little ‘eek’ sign. Perch them on a chair, shelf or even on a kiddies bed. Priced £8 for the pair.

Halloween gonks from Sainsburys


7. Wizard gonk

This dark, mysterious chap looks more Machiavellian than most. It must be the all-black outfit with just a hint of orange, plus a broomstick for mischievous wizarding. Priced £6 from Tesco.

black wizard doll with pointy hat, orange trim and broom from Tesco


8. Shelfie Halloween gonks

Long, dangling legs make for perfect shelf sitters, so incorporate these cute little Halloween gonks into a festive shelfie scheme. Just £7 each from B&M, they will also sit merrily on the edge of your desk to ward off any evil boss spirits at work!

Halloween gonks from B&M


9. Dotty gonks

Shelf-sitters are a popular breed of gonk! These ones have a rare splash of red, a smattering of polka dots and pointy little boots, making them stand out from the crowd. Priced £4.99 each from The Range.

Shelf-sitter dotty dolls with black hats and red legs/boots from The Range

The Range

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