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Crisp Greige Interiors With Warmth

Posted by admin on October 17, 2022

Smooth wall stucco crafts a crisp base decor inside these two greige home interiors. Wood floors lay down a warm, textural base, and modern fireplaces flicker with inviting light. In our first featured home interior, concealed storage plays a key role in creating peaceful minimalist living spaces. A retractable TV, a secret fireplace, a home office nook, and a largely hidden kitchen design are all tucked neatly behind closed doors. The second of our greige home designs features a living room with a sunlight-filled courtyard and calming energy. The master suite provides inspiration for a bedroom lounge with a warm and cosy character, offering a place for peace, rest, and rejuvenation.

Designer: Mc Visualization

Wooden doors fashion a plane of texture and visual warmth across one entire wall of our first featured living space. Smooth greige stucco covers the rest of the room with a restful tone.

The TV screen flips down from the ceiling on a camouflaged mount, coming to rest in front of the wooden doors.

The sliding doors draw away to reveal a modern fireplace design. The flickering flame transforms the minimalist greige decor scheme into a cosy haven.

The TV mount holds the screen just above the fireplace to form a pleasing ensemble.

A floor vase filled with dried pampas grass creates a soft and natural silhouette in the corner of the living room.

The radiator is concealed within the greige wall stucco by a coordinating panel. A second set of wooden doors hide a small home workspace. A comfortable chair pulls up to the home office nook.

A stone hearth darkly underlines the modern fireplace, giving it bold definition within the light greige decor scheme.

A modular sofa is arranged in a double-sided formation. One side of the seating faces toward the modern fireplace, whilst the other looks into the open plan kitchen.

In the corner of the room, a modern lounge chair is teamed with a small side table and a swing arm wall lamp to create a neat reading nook. Contemporary artwork provides a monochrome abstract background.

Inside the firebox of the modern fireplace, a panel of en vogue fluted texture is highlighted in the flame.

Two modern coffee tables are paired to make one long volume between the sofa and the fireplace. Decorative trays provide streamlined adornment.

A sleek sofa arm tray fashions a small bar area for a decanter and glass tumblers.

Scatter cushions are casually strewn across the couch to achieve a relaxed look.

A basic living room rug provides a layer of warmth underfoot.

With the doors of the home office nook closed, it appears like a small closet.

Once opened up, the home workspace displays a wall of softly illuminated shelving. Books, decorative vases, and a desk lamp accessorise the nook.

Much of the kitchen is also tucked away behind closed doors.

More wooden doors are banked along the full length of the hallway.

These bifold wooden doors retract to give access to a large closet space.

Closet lights glow within.

The interior lights illuminate a clothes storage area and two bookcases.

The interior doors of the apartment are finished in greige to quietly blend with their surroundings.

A long marble kitchen island cuts through the living space, wrapped with a waterfall countertop. See more inspiration for marble kitchens.

With wide wooden doors closed across the back of the kitchen, the room communicates a smooth, minimalist aesthetic.

Once all of the kitchen doors are opened up, the kitchen becomes a hive of activity. The space is large enough for several cooks to contribute to the making of culinary delights.

The retractable kitchen doors tuck away into pockets to make a practical, obstacle-free space for food preparation.

A white marble backsplash paints a beautiful grey vein through the wooden kitchen design. A brass kitchen tap installs a warm metallic accent.

A second sink area is situated in the wide kitchen island design. A linear suspension light draws an eye-catching scroll of illumination above.

The opposite edge of the marble kitchen island is utilised as a breakfast bar.

Three unique kitchen bar stools line up along the edge of the marble countertop.

The concealed storage space at the side of the kitchen island is home to a wine storage area and an assortment of small appliances.

A gas burner is closed away when not in use.

Decorative bowls and trays embellish the kitchen island.

Large windows fill the greige, white, and wood kitchen with natural light.

Sunlight reflects across the natural stone worktops.

After the kitchen is closed up for the day, the open plan living room becomes a calm and peaceful space.

Visualizer: Rendergram

Our second greige home interior features a spacious living room with a light-filled courtyard design. Sunshine spills through a narrow skylight at the side of the room to nourish a bed of small trees and shrubs.

In the formal dining room, up to eight diners can be seated around a large wooden dining table. Sliding doors connect the eating area with the terrace.

The kitchen is a large space with a commanding central island. Rich wooden cabinets contrast darkly against greige wall stucco.

The master bedroom is an impressive suite with its own lounge. The upholstered bed is surrounded on two sides by huge windows, so the home owners can wake up with the sunrise. A modern fireplace gives the room a luxurious feel.

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