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High-end Home Designs With Stylish Staircases

Posted by admin on October 5, 2022

Open and airy, light and luxe, these three home designs offer peaceful, high-end living experiences with an uplifting essence. At the heart of them all stands a stylish staircase design, each with its own chic twist. An abundance of curved elements softens the contemporary linearity of the interiors, gently increasing a sense of comfort. Accent colors are limited and muted against clean white backdrops to achieve a refined aesthetic. Wood tone is introduced to add visual warmth and texture. Home number one gains added intrigue from striking sculptural elements. Home tour two offers up an elegant tea room design. Home design three rounds off the tour with a collection of uber trendy art and accessories.

Visualizer: 梦太初

The living room in our first high-end home design is arranged as a circular formation with a mid-century modern vibe. A curved sofa wraps around the edge of a large round rug. An elliptical ceiling-mounted fireplace blazes in the corner, and a sculptural mobile dangles rounded silhouettes.

The undulating profile of a mid-century-style magazine holder complements the curved sofa design. It also adds an element of warm wood tone to the fresh white living room.

The round rug design branches out with an overlay effect, and a small side table draws attention to its asymmetrical composition. A brown leather living room chair complements the earthy accent color in the rug.

In the center of the living room furniture arrangement, a glass coffee table is decorated with a unique chess set.

A wall of bifold doors opens the room up the yard, providing a pleasant green view.

A raised floor level differentiates the kitchen diner from the open plan sitting area.

The modern staircase design is elevated by a curvaceous platform floor. Clear glass balustrades allow the line of sight to pass through entirely unobstructed.

Stone-inspired lamps are scattered around the foot of the staircase to create a cozy glow. The illumination leads the eye over to a built-in planter that’s tucked beneath the treads.

Storage closets are camouflaged from plain sight behind white, frameless doors.

Next to the staircase, a home workspace is accessorized with a chunky concrete bookshelf.

The concrete bookshelf overlaps the base of the staircase to build a cohesive flow.

A glass brick wall shares natural light with the home workspace.

The kitchen is a smooth wood tone design with a luxe white marble island.

The dining table is attached to the end of the central kitchen island to form one streamlined volume.

A large dining room pendant light makes an elegant statement above a subtle moss centerpiece.

The white marble kitchen backsplash extends all the way to the ceiling line to create a seamless backdrop.

Visualizer: 森林空间

Our second home design features a double height living room, which is overlooked by a glass mezzanine. A textured living room rug provides a soft island for modern lounge furniture.

The L-shaped sofa is arranged around a ​​modern coffee table. Moss green scatter cushions tie in with the tropical plants just outside the window.

The minimalist living room is kept tidy and streamlined by the addition of a large storage wall. White built-in units are fashioned around a modern fireplace, leaving a long letterbox opening for the line of flame.

A curvy accent chair pulls up to the fireplace, offering a warm and cozy spot in which to relax and read.

A floating room divider descends from the ceiling between a tea room and a formal dining room. A tower of shelving remains open on both sides to subtly connect the two spaces. In the dining room, a round dining table is complemented by a modern pendant light and curvy chairs.

An assortment of flower vases and glass candle holders make up a pretty dining table centerpiece. A huge window provides the dining room with a vibrant green background.

Contrasting black and white dining chairs give the dining set a unique and personalized aesthetic.

On the opposite side of the floating partition wall, tea room design receives an equally uplifting garden view. Modern wooden stools complement the wooden tea table. Tea pots and ceramics are displayed on the tower of open shelving.

In the master suite, a large bedroom rug introduces texture into a minimalist white decor scheme.

A bouclé chair is paired with a floor lamp to make a reading nook beside the bedroom window. A short partition wall divides the sleep space from a large ensuite bathroom.

Visualizer: Andrew Kulenko

Our final home tour begins in an exceptional double-height living space with massive dual-story windows.

A crystal chandelier draws attention to the impressive height of the room.

A layered living room rug design adds abstract interest to the floor.

The staircase design has an elegant open tread structure that climbs past a wall of windows.

The open formation allows daylight and the view of the garden to filter through.

A zen courtyard design is situated directly beneath the stairs. A small tree flourishes around the treads. Sand is raked to represent ripples in water.

The formal dining room is backed with a stunning feature wall of glossy gray stone. A linear pendant light flares in front.

Two unique linear pendant lights illuminate a long kitchen island in the neighboring kitchen.

Wood slatted panels separate the kitchen from the formal dining room.

The master bedroom is accented with bolts of blue.

A blue tufted end of bed bench contrasts against the gray upholstered bed.

Inside the bathroom, a glass bathtub preserves natural light from dual aspect windows.

The bathroom walls are clad in stunning natural stone, which continues seamlessly into an open shower space design.

A half-moon bathroom mirror is highlighted around its edge by a ribbon of LED light.

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