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How to Create Panoramas of Rental Apartments Easily and Efficiently

Posted by admin on September 13, 2022

Creating a high-quality visualization of an apartment plays a vital role when it comes to renting. Even a great apartment can be challenging to rent if the pictures don’t quite do it justice. This is where interactive panoramas of apartments come into play. An interactive 3D visualization of a room is the perfect way to showcase your property from all angles and provide potential tenants with detailed visual information.

Until recently, digitizing apartments in 3D was time-consuming and unaffordable for most lessors. However, the 3DShot app is here to change that. With 3DShot, anybody can create high-quality 3D Views of rooms using only a smartphone camera. Once the 3D View of your room is ready, you can send potential tenants a link to your interactive panorama. It’s also possible to share the result on classifieds that support 3D View format or allow the embedding of iframe codes or links. Let’s discover the process step-by-step.

Watch the video to see the entire process:

1. Open the 3DShot app and choose Panorama shooting mode.

2. Stay in the center of the room.

3. Make sure you have enough lighting.

4. Hold the phone in front of you.

5. Turn around in a circle.

6. Once you’ve made a full turn the recording is over.

7. Upload the result to your Cappasity account.

8. Share the link to the 3D View with potential tenants.

If you want to share the 3D View on a classified, get the embed code for the 3D View on the Cappasity platform. Embed the code on a listing that supports 3D Views.

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